TJ Morris aka Bear.

An Unintentional Shepherd


My YouTube channel started as a way for me to combat the noise and bad advice plaguing the preparedness industry. There are so many fake experts, fear mongers, and tactical elitists out there that I felt compelled to add my voice to conversation.


I remember clearly standing in my suburban North Texas kitchen, making dinner and telling my wife how cool it would be to have a YouTube channel. "So, do it" was her reply. And here we are, constantly amazed and humbled by the people The Father has brought into our lives.

In mid-2018 I felt a strong conviction to begin using our channel to read The Word and share testimony of how The Father has worked in our lives. We add to that decades of entrepreneurial experience, business management experience, construction industry and federal contracting expertise, true preparedness practitioner experience, and a lifetime of motivation, insight, and self-awareness.


I have been blessed with deep and meaningful relationships from the trailer park to the board room, and I truly do my best to steward these relationships in a way that puts a smile on The Father's face.

TJ Morris is a servant of The Most High, a husband and father; managing partner of several international entrepreneurial ventures; a business consultant; personal coach, YouTube creator, Podcast host, radio personality, homesteader, carpenter, electrician, and originator of "Tactical Muppet Face." He and his family, flocks, herds, and gaggles of business ventures maintain the Land of Almost Homestead in ArklaTexaHomas, USA. 

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