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Aug 6

Ask "Stupid Questions"

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Edited: Aug 10

Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, You Will Live Your Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid


Communication Ignorance, we all suffer from it. To take that phrase at it's literally meaning, it's the lack of knowledge or information regarding the successful exchange or conveying of information. Ignorance is not to be feared or shunned to the point of stupidity but rather faced and defeated by knowledge. To that end, I encourage everyone to ask every possible question you can think of. There is no crying in baseball, there's No Stupid Questions

My only disagreements with this are two. The only stupid questions are: the one you already know the answer to and the ones you never ask. If you already know the answer yet ask for someone else's perspective on that information, then please phrase it that way. If you dont know the answer to your question and never ask, you risk never knowing and never learning. Just my 2 cents on that.

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  • Hey folks! Is anyone here using dmr hotspots on TGIF or brandmiester? I know it will be useless without the networks(if there is no network), but same with any social media. It would be cool to ragchew now and then. It dooes make a pretty neat infrastructure between groups providing there are networks. Im usually on BM tg 31458 "sc Midlands" and tgif tg 411 "carolinas". We could ask for our own tg too... I know some people. Ross KG4NWE
  • First tier Communications- immediate family. Handled by portable and mobile radios with limited range of five miles or less. Most services available can cover this distance except for the FRS radios due to limited power and antennas. The most important thing here is to select the radios that are compatible with each other. It does nothing to buy a GMRS radio for your spouse and a MURS radio for you. They are not compatible. You could buy a MTX100 mobile for your house an beofeng UV-** and pair of Midland GTX-1000p they are all compatible with GMRS though the equipment choice is still yours! Second tier Communications- this is MAG comms or communication between the tribes of the mag or even between independent tribes. The range is often further than what is typically achieved by handheld radios alone. For this the options are GMRS mobiles, GMRS repeater, CB base, GMRS used as a base, or HAM and HAM repeaters. (Note: do not rely on infrastructures that you do not control such as repeaters, cellular network, or anything that has it's backbone on the internet) yes you can use them but have a contingency plan for when the "owner" turns them off or become unusable. Third tier Communications- this is the long distance Communications used to communicate from your mag in northwest Arkansas to my mag in Southwest Wisconsin or a sister mag in North Central Wisconsin or wherever else you need to. There's really only two options here. CB and HAM fixed or mobile. The most versatile of the two is Ham but remember in a world without law, everything possible on ham is possible on CB, GMRS and MURS. It's just easier to achieve on ham because the equipment is designed for it. CB to run digital will require a bit of cable making but it CAN be done. So now that we've identified the three levels of Communications here's the loaded question I've been becoming infamous for. Where are you in your communication? Where are you wanting to be? Are you satisfied with your current level?