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Jul 29

7 meals


What are your 7 shelf stable meals?

Here is our list

1. Chicken Taco Soup w/cornbread

2. Spam fried rice

3. Shepherds pie

4. Pasta & meat sauce

5. Tuna/chicken salad w/crackers and fruit

6. Buffalo Chicken Dip Wraps

7. Beans & Rice (cajun red, cuban black, southern pintos)

I added 3 breakfast also

1. Oatmeal porridge with dried fruit

2. Corned Beef hash and eggs

3. Sausage Gravy & Biscuits/waffles

Jul 29

1. Chili-mac - canned chili, canned corn, elbow pasta, season salt, and cheese and butter if you have it.

2. Chicken & dressing - canned chicken, Stovetop stuffing mix, and either canned peas or green beans. Even better if you have onions and celery to sauté in butter.

3. Rice-a-Roni and canned meat.

4. Vegetable soup - canned mixed vegetables, creamed corn, tomatoes, beef/chicken broth, small can of green chili, or Rotel instead of tomatoes. and canned or fresh diced potatoes. I add onion and ground beef as well, but still good without it.

5. Large shell pasta and canned stewed tomatoes. Growing up pretty poor, we seemed to have this a lot :)

6. Macaroni and Cheese with fried diced spam.

7. Spaghetti & meat sauce


@CindyB great list. We keep lots of mac-n-cheese on hand. I need to add that too my list. We also keep a large supply of progresso soups. Several of us are gluten free and they are good hearty soups.

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Hey everyone, there's a lot to be said about the old ways. I mean we didn't always have refrigerators, microwave ovens, food processors, and ready made (fill in the blank). So if you guys haven't already let me at least show you a channel that really opened up my own eyes to food storage and simple recipes from the time of our founding.



Lots of good how too for just about everyone here

Aug 10

Thanks for the post. Watched a couple of them: makes me want to try to make some "ship's bread!"

Aug 2

How are your storing your beans and rice and what not? Are you using double mylar bags, oxygen absorbers in Five gallon food grade buckets? I want to experiment with dry food grade argon purge to get out most of the oxygen first. I have heard about CO2 purge too but this isn't as inert as Argon is.

Let me know if you do try argon purge. I am looking for ways to improve. I just use 5 gallon mylar in bags 5 gallon with 2000cc oxygen absorbers for rice, 1 gallon mylar bags in 5 gallon buckets with 500cc oxygen absorbers for beans. 1.5 L jars for rice or beans with 300cc oxygen absorbers. 1 gallon mylar bags in 2 gallon bucket for salt and sugar.

For long term I use O2 absorbers, Mylar and buckets.


For short term I use 1/2 gal jars and O2 absorbers. I also want to try some dry/oven canning this fall.

Aug 2Edited: Aug 2

I vacuum seal my jars in addition to an o2 absorber. Foods that come in boxes (ie mac n cheese) I take it out of the box and vacuum seal it in jars, surely it will last longer that way than on the shelf in the boxes, I also add by bay leaf to anything I store including vacuum sealing.

Great idea! A vacuum sealer is on my wishlist.

Dry/oven canning works well if you don't have a vacuum sealer, I'm blessed to have one.

@nomifyle my birthday and Christmas wishes are far different these days ;)

Aug 10

I tried the chicken and stuffing, I loved it, but DH not so much. Too bad for him.

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4hbz0MFflA
  • Hi All, In addition to keeping rice and pasta in mylar bags (I opt for the 1 & 1.5 gallon size instead of the bucket sized 5 gallon ones), I keep about a half dozen mason jars full of rice and pasta, which I vacuum seal, for medium term storage. Currently, I do the meal prep routine, so I only cook once a week. For example, when I prep lunches for the week, I typically use 1.5 lbs of pasta, so I'll dump the extra into a jar and seal it, and the next time I make pasta, when I have 3 jars, I use those up. The other way I find myself using this method is when I am packing food into mylar bags. If I have extra, either because I ran out of bags, or I didn't have enough to fill a whole bag, I will give the extra the same treatment. My question is, how long would those keep? I do not put any oxygen absorbers into the jars, as again, I plan on using them within the next say 3 months or so, but the seals do seem to hold up rather well and take a fair amount of effort to pop. Thanks for your input!
  • I was wondering do I have put in a freezer first or can I just put in a mylar bag with oxygen absorbers. Also same thing for rice and beans. thank you to all