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Jul 30

YouTube food preppers


Edited: Jul 30

Who are your favorites? Who have you learned the most from?

Perbain, I'm Still Working, Michagan Snowpony, Prepsteaders

Aug 23

Homestead Tessie https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqJgpaYNmI2UksYZ_fmK6jw/featured She is a lovely, humble person who loves all the old ways and cans constantly. She has great recipes for canning and cooking, both, always in a state of preparedness. Her videos are a break from any day! I won't say her channel is recipes from preparedness stocks, but she can find food in the most amazing places and ways, for those who are on tight budgets, and she doesn't waste a morsel. Give her channel a try and see if she doesn't speak to you and your food and prep needs!

Nov 5

I found Jaime from Guildbrook Farms video on canning 101 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jU0CzxBnKoY) very informative.

New Posts
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4hbz0MFflA
  • Hi All, In addition to keeping rice and pasta in mylar bags (I opt for the 1 & 1.5 gallon size instead of the bucket sized 5 gallon ones), I keep about a half dozen mason jars full of rice and pasta, which I vacuum seal, for medium term storage. Currently, I do the meal prep routine, so I only cook once a week. For example, when I prep lunches for the week, I typically use 1.5 lbs of pasta, so I'll dump the extra into a jar and seal it, and the next time I make pasta, when I have 3 jars, I use those up. The other way I find myself using this method is when I am packing food into mylar bags. If I have extra, either because I ran out of bags, or I didn't have enough to fill a whole bag, I will give the extra the same treatment. My question is, how long would those keep? I do not put any oxygen absorbers into the jars, as again, I plan on using them within the next say 3 months or so, but the seals do seem to hold up rather well and take a fair amount of effort to pop. Thanks for your input!
  • I was wondering do I have put in a freezer first or can I just put in a mylar bag with oxygen absorbers. Also same thing for rice and beans. thank you to all