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Aug 25

Anyone deal with camsolar?


Hey everyone I hope your all having a blessed day. I had a salesman come by to sell me on a grid tie solar system that can produce all or more energy that im using, effectively replacing my electric bill with a loan payment so he sais. Now my thinking is, getting more debt sucks but so does an electric bill that can be higher some months. The loan payment for the solar system would stay the same but eventually own it. Since this is a grid tie system it kind of kills the deal for me unless theirs a way to convert to a hybrid grid tie\ battery off grid system. Does anyone know if this is possible? Id be interested in your thoughts. Thanks.

Aug 25

Since I am not set up with solar, I am only talking from what I have heard and read. You can set yourself up without the help of anyone. There is plenty of you tube content and such to show you how. This doesn't sound right to me, you should have the option to be hooked up or not. As for the loan payments...RUN!!!!! Run fast and far. Start doing some research of your own. Yes it can be pricey to get started, but you own it. No loans or anyone telling you what to do. Again, this is just my own opinion, I don't know this company and am not set up with an off grid system yet.

I agree with @Haunted55 run from anyone trying to get you to sign a contract for what you can do for yourself.

Aug 25Edited: Aug 26

Solar systems are generally finiky systems. A grid tied system puts your unused energy back onto the grid essentially selling it back to your electric company negating your electric bill, however, you don't get to tell the electrical guy how much your electricity is worth, they tell you, we're paying THIS, take it or leave it. All the while the service life of solar is roughly ten years depending on factors, and it might take eight of those years just to break even. Also as the system ages it becomes less efficient, and the maintenance cost is 100% on you!! If you're going solar I'd go solo.

Yeah you guys are right. My biggest cringe is screwing down those panels to my roof and possibly creating a leak. If anything ill have the guy get me a quote from my electricity usage and I can get some numbers of what i need to save up for. Also the thing is im not sure if im staying here anyways. Ill start applying for jobs again to coohmp very soon. Thank you for your advice.

Aug 26

I can name one YouTuber off the top of my head who has a free standing, or almost, system. Prepper Nurse1 shows his in almost every one of his vids. I wouldn't want to attach anything to the house, can't take it with you then. Good luck with everything.

Pastor Joe of Viking Preparedness has a free standing system. Another good source is Engineer 775 on YouTube.

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