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Aug 8

In our quest...


In our quest to be as prepared as we can, i see many of us are at least headed in the right direction. Finding/maintaining a BOL/Homestead, stacking "it" to the rafters, as Bear says, be it beans, bandaids, or bullets. A few of us are working on advancing our coms and medical knowledge. Many of these things just require that we get off of our duffs and do them, some don't. I guess my question might be, just how much do you (monthly, quarterly, biannually, etc) allocate (funds or time) to just training, to further your preps? On quiet nights(horrible things they are, brain just will NOT shut up 😉), i think (stop laughing, it can happen). I got to thinking the other night about medical. Sure, i can take a course to teach me how to stabilize someone, but what about after? How far into the weeds do You go into a particular aspect of preparedness? Ok, I'll shup now.

That will be a different number for all of us. I’m retired, and very little of my budget is flexible. I’ve heard it said, don’t take away anything from your family to spend on preps. I try to follow that rule. Any preps I do, non food related, come from estate auctions, or watching for the people that just want something gone. They’re out there, it will amaze you how many people will give something of value away for free, just to get it out of their house or yard. Food is a little bit tougher for me, $30 a month is spent on food preps the day after social security arrives. You know, before I can find a different place for it.

Oh man do I hear you! I too am in a very interesting situation with no, to little income to prep. Being alone, I can cut back on meals and such and use that money for the other things. Like grain for my birds and dog and cat. Still, There is some put up and the knowledge I have, working knowledge, is great. Complete offset? No, lol, it isn't, I'd rather the working pantry I had before the coons decided they wanted it all. Shoulda, woulda coulda. Going forward, I am looking at things in a different way. Yes, buy that extra bag of rice or whatever, buy the gas stabilizer, and hope the prices don't get too out of hand. All we can do is live in the now, with our eyes towards the future and pray God, he doesn't let us fall.

Say hey sir, hang in there god isn't finished with you. Try to make some ling term goals the best you can. It seems like all the little things you are doing will add up to greatness. My wife and I are in a similar situation. Our long term goal is to leave the area we are currently in. Used to be rural out here however most of the folks with ranches and farms are selling to land developers. We look down the short term future to acquire some rural property in far N.E. Texas or in Ok. Stay Safe, Bee Well. Regards, Doug

@Doug Buker Thank you Doug. I hang in just fine. My comment was simply an observation that we all have different starting points. Honestly, having goals of preparatio, both short term and long term, keep me very busy. In this case physically and mentally as well. These are all good things. ;)

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How far into the weeds? As far as you can my friend. Medical, a lot of it is hurry up and wait. Not making light of it, just saying if you know how to stabilize and do basic after care, sometimes there just isn't anything else to do. Ask a doctor and most will tell you, 80% of people coming in, would have gotten better on their own. Get some knowledge, it's always good to have. Learn your local herbs and medicinal plants and the ones at your BOL. See what you have and start gathering. I am a firm believer in vitamins. I don't care if they are the most pure, non GMO, organic...whatever. Long shelf life and even the cheap crappy ones have some goodness to them. Vitamins C especially, big time needed vitamin. Any of your water soluble vitamins are a must in my opinion, then a multi. I used the Wally vitamins for years because I didn't know about the GMOs until the last 12 years or so. To be honest, I still am, because I am not going to throw them away. Not the best, but in a bad situation, they could be the difference between living and not. One caveat with vitamins..do not do it blindly, learn what they are! Sometimes too much of a 'good thing' can kill you, or make you wish it did. Any of the fat soluble can do terrible things if taken incorrectly. Learn. A copy of Gray's Anatomy is also a must in my opinion.

@JS Badger very good question. How often do we put our "shooting" skills to use compared to our medical? It's not every day we come across medical emergencies unless of course that's the profession we're in. I think an annual recertification in basic first aid, should be a bare minimum. Look at your daily life, and think of worst case emergencies that could happen. My worst case example as a truck driver, fuel tanker explosion on an Interstate highway. What's the likely injury, lacerations and burns. My medical response bag, would definitely be centered around those. Possible shrapnel and puncture wounds, yes but probably on a secondary level...etc.

Looks as though you have grabbed the tiger by the tail which will get you through the finish line. Great advice sir. Stay Safe, Bee Well. Regards, Doug

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  • It’s the end of the year don’t let the money remaining in a Health Saving Account go to waste. places like Amazon,Walgreens and I am sure many others will let you buy medical supplies using those accounts
  • Does anyone know if Bear (TJ) has prior Military experience? I personally believe him to be a veteran with the way he speaks about certain things, speaking as one vet to another he sure knows all the buzzwords. I have heard him speak a lot about other veterans and people that he knows just never mentioned anything about his prior service. Thanks, just wondering
  • Good evening from southern oregon.. may the lord keep you all well . as the title says im moving.. dont know where but god will provide.. let me get to the point.. im on ssdi for pts . i lost my mother and father respectively . i was left the house and all this stuff.. this is hard for me and could use some prayer for god to guide me in the right direction .. that being said. when my mom died of cancer in june of 18 i still had my father to take care of.. he had a a stroke in sept of 13 for 6 yrs i took care of a man i hated most of my life. he and my mom got remarried in 12 .. after 42 yrs of divorce.. it was hard when he moved in.. we had chips on our shoulders him and i.. and we got into a fight one day in 12 we were ready to do each other. then we both just stopped.. i went outside and immediately went prone before god. i had let the old self out , i asked god for forgiveness and clarity on my father. little did i know i was prone for abut 45 min. i walked back inside and heard my father praying word for word the same prayer i just got done with.. word for word. we looked at each other and the hate was gone and the only thing left was the grace god showed us to love one another through him. then he had his stroke and i fed him changed his diapers with my mom turning him every 2 hrs for 6 yrs . now that i am alone with no tribe no family that are on the same path as me .. its time to get out from this burden that is this house the loan i was forced to take to give my dad a roof so he did not have to die in a home. i met with a broker today and i am listing my house here in southern oregon. my goal is to be debt free and buy someplace to make my home . ive got so much stuff to sell and i fell now that the wheels are moving this burden has been lifted .. I have the means to keep myself going and to survive no matter where i go. but do i need the thousands of pounds of preps to take with me. no i dont.. i can buy more when i land where i need to be.. im a chef , i can hunt , butcher and have the heart to keep going. any ideas of where to go.. im looking texas and ok because my dollar will go furthest there. so if anyone has taken the time to read this to the end i thank you.. and if there is anyone in oregon or near buy that needs things please contact me.. things i am willing to donate are caned goods jars for canning etc etc.. i also have many buckets.. that will be to hard to travel with.. i am willing to give to a chruch or to barter time to help me get ready for the move.. again thank you and remember PHILIPPIANS 4:13..