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Jul 31

Mark of the Beast - Calling all Nerds


Mostly following another posting about transportation, travel, something that has been rolling around in my feeble brain, once again has surfaced. The Mark. If I understand this, this will most likely be an implant like they have already started doing. I have a rudimentary understanding of it, but not one where I could actually come up with a working solution. So let's play pretend here for a moment please. What if, you were forced to take the Mark. Lots of ways that could happen as I'm sure most of you have thought of. One way is having to go for surgery right now. When you fill out all of that paperwork, you also sign a release form giving YOUR permission for 'them' to do all to care for you. Yeah...that does keep me up at night. Okay, it's been injected into you. My first thought is get myself home and cut that sucker out of me, but how would I know if it's there? Assuming it's a lump of some kind, get it out. Now what? Would there be a way that this could be used outside of the body? Could something be made so that a person could be seen as having the Mark, but instead have a ring, bracelet something that could be used when needed? The stuff I've seen done is just a unit being injected into the webbing between thumb and fore finger. No nerve linking, just a sending unit like what is on a lot of packaging now. Bigger brains than mine would have to figure this one out.

This system would be and is already knowns as a passive rfid tag and would require no internal power but rather is powered by RF radiation produced by a rfid reader. The chips or tags could be removed but if society moves in this direction (I think it will) then it will be able to become very very restrictive. Imagine that you went to the doctor. They put small coded data onto an rfid tag and implant that under your skin. Now these codes are your medical history or associated with it. You're diabetic, at checkout the rfid reader used to turn on the automated clerk, self scan whatever scans you, it now knows your diabetic. You buy your kids favorite sugar laced chocolate cake infused part of a ballanced breakfast rot your teeth cereal and refuses to scan the item.... So much for man's "free will"

Now something even more scary I found on YouTube from 3 years ago. Listen to how hard this guy is selling RFID to what to me sounds like a very young illinformed generations like millennials... Just my two thoughts. You COULD jam it by wearing a Faraday glove, RF energy is electromagnetic... (Don't even get me started on EMP attacks) here's the link to the video



Jul 31

Rev. 14: 9-11. I wouldn't want to keep it in the body. I would want it out and since it is implanted into soft shallow tissue, it would be possible to remove it yourself. Now, once out, how could it be used? The above verses deal with the 'Mark' and the worship of the Beast. Sorry for cherry picking, but I think this is important. Obviously, if you remove it, you do not consent and have no intention of following their sick ways. Most who are New to Torah or firm in the true following of Yeshua are not going to be able to be out and about. We eventually will be hunted and slaughtered. The more that do go along, will provide evil armies of man who will be able to take us out. The Fallen can't, against the rules as I understand it, but man will be able to, just as he is able to do now. My point and question, is there a way that the brave would be able to use a removed chip to travel freely to bring goods to the ones who can't? Probably wouldn't work for long term and would have to evolve just as their system will. Even if it were being held to the hand with a piece of 'new skin', a person could pass through as long as there wasn't a checking of the hand. I wish I was smarter...I've seen enough to know that most of the 'hand wart' worshipers are going to take this willingly. They just don't get it, too lazy to even consider the ramifications and too weak to even care. Good, use it against them. If you're here, you may have the hand wart [cell phone] but I don't think you are constantly head bowed over it, worshipping it, like a lot of people. We need to use this and use it well and always be looking around the next corner so we are one step ahead.

Jul 31

Yeah, watched the vid. I can see him gleefully swinging the axe to take out the ones who refuse. Lots and lots of these vids showing the willingness of people going along with this. Again, how can we use this?

Jul 31Edited: Jul 31

@Haunted55 Einstein is attributed to the saying 'it has become appallingly clear that technology has surpassed our humanity' after the development of the atomic bomb. Vaccines and the mandatory use of them has shown how the system slowly turns up the heat to cook the frog alive. And history of European settlers shows the eradication of almost an entire race. 3,000,000 -800,000 native Americans.

As for the wort, I'm on it more than I should be. But it's a tool and I can live without the phone.

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Aug 1

I don't care much for RFID tags in general, except for the ones I have in my Pups (to go along with my "Home Again" subscription, just in case they get out.) RFID are passively powered ID tags that are powered by an external RF carrier signal that causes the chip to broadcast a unique serial number on a resonant carrier frequency. It is not a very smart device.

It should be possible to improvise a sweep of sorts using a low power coil of copper wire, a signal generator, and an oscilloscope. You sweep through frequencies and use an oscilloscope with a spectrum analyzer mode to find the peak frequency---this will be the frequency that the tag "resonates" at. Then you can either jam that frequency, or locate the tag on or in the body so it can be surgically excised, or destroyed with an improvised EMP of your own: A stun gun, or even an ignition wire from a working vehicle should do the job. Any pulse of power strong enough to cause pain ought to be enough to fry the chip or burn out the RFID coil.

Interestingly enough if you wanted to "mess" with authorities who are using RFID technologies, make hundreds of tiny coils of fine wire, soldered to a tiny ceramic capacitor then hot melt glue it into a "pellet." Dispersing a handful of these things, or attaching them to an everyday kind of item, should ensure that the RFID reader gets "hundreds" of pings back to it!

Just sayin', there are ways to create countermeasures if necessary.


Okay TYMoore...you sir are brutal, lol. I mean that in a good way. The ignition wire and stun gun...nah, I'll take it out thanks. The messing also sounds like a really good idea as well. I knew there had to be a way, I'm just not smart enough to know the hows and whys. This is something that I think may very well be a needed thing just to survive and be able to move around without drawing attention to yourself. I also do not want someone having to get one for the team and keep it inside themselves.

the Walmart supply chain already has RFID that is like a grain of rice. and with nanotechnology, i think it is a non-starter for me to believe it would be big enough to spot/feel. more likely it would be so small that it would move through the body until it landed in your liver or kidney.. since the materials wouldn't break down, it could be there in perpetuity, undetected.


google pay, apple wallet.. those are more likely to become a factor in my estimation. They WANT us to use digital currency, exclusively.. what would you do if your walmart decided tomorrow to only accept Google pay? having spent some time in the den of NWA.. it isn't outside the realm of possibility...

Aug 2

Well one of the nice things about this technology is that it must adhere to physical limits. i.e. if the resonant frequency of the RFID tag was say in the 5GHz band then the wavelength of said radiation is about 6cm (or about 2 1/3 inches) which means that the antenna (the RFID coil) must be about 1/4 of this wavelegnth so about 1.5 cm (little over 1/2 inch.) So there is just only so many ways you can roll up or package 1/2 inch of wire...10 turns would mean a coil about 0.016 inch (0.4mm) about the size of that grain of rice we were just talking about. Frequencies higher than 5GHz behave more like radar and begin to be strongly absorbed by water...which is good, because our flesh is mostly water. So 5GHz is about the upper limit for small implantable RFID tags. So they can't be much smaller than a grain of rice. Period.

That's good news. It means the technology is defeatable by inspired, determined folks willing to resist. And that's good news for all of us!


I and a data-crackhead, so I appreciate that! So... given current KNOWN technology.. I am sure you are right. what about NFC devices? bluetooth is one example, and a bluetooth antenna can be made really small. and with wireless charging, there is a possibility that power could be transmitted wirelessly, activatinga NONrfid device.. I am not trying to argue the limitations of current known tech. but i believe that there is a lot behind the curtain that we don't know about. My plan is to avoid any and all situations where anyone could inject ANYthing into me or mine.

Aug 7

I'm a little concerned there wasn't more commentary here regarding what the Bible says about anyone taking the mark of the beast. They will go to hell.


I do believe that if such a thing were inserted when we were completely unaware, such as being hidden in a pneumonia shot or other vaccination, or done while we are under anesthesia, we would not be sent to hell for it as long as we remove it as quickly as possible. I do have concerns about how soon we would realize the presence of the hated thing - perhaps there is swelling around the site, so we would not know a permanent small lump exists there until all swelling has reduced.


At any rate, I am glad people here are considering how to handle and remove the horrible things, and how to survive without. We Christians will be hunted down - we almost are already! Refusal to take the mark will certainly mark us as Christians - I think the rest of the population will willingly submit as it no doubt will be posed as easier for transactions, and more secure.


Perhaps all the heads working together here will be able to figure out the depth and dimensions of this mark, and come up with a specific protocol for removing the mark, for all of us. That's going to belong in the medical kits of the most prepared medics among us, ready to remove at a moment's notice.


So glad to see this discussion!

The verses say taking the mark and worshiping the beast. I am hoping that even those given the mark unknowingly, though not in worship of the evil one, will be forgiven. Now that said, if you were forced to take this mark and then removed it afterwards...yeah a whole bunch of theological ideas and arguments. The idea of this post was to get people thinking about this and what can be done to circumvent it all. We can talk the religious aspects of it forever. The Word tells me don't do it. Period, so I will not. Still if Sanctified is to get some legs under it, we will need a way to transport goods. It's not like it used to was. There are not many places where there isn't a house or people of some kind. We, the brave transporters and suppliers, will be seen. No way around that one I can see, unless we can come up with something to mimic the tech used to make the Mark. To my feeble brain, this is more important than just about any of the other prepping we do. If I understand this, the chips used now are a pretty simple RFID chip. Readers can be purchased now to find them. Then would come the process of getting them gone from the body. The real scary thing is the neurolace. Someone, please tell me I'm wrong here, that will transmit and receive constantly. That I think would have to be disrupted to make it inoperable. But what is that going to do to the person's nervous system, starting with the brain? For whatever reason, this is really heavy on my heart. I wish that life had offered me more chances to do the techy things. My understandings and work with them is rudimentary at best.

Aug 7

As far as the technical aspects of detecting, jamming, defeating and removing said "marks" I feal confident that a protocol could be developed that should work. Perhaps someone else has a suggestion for the spiritual/religious aspect to this? Maybe even develop a protocol to follow as well? Just a thought.

I know what it says in Revelations. Basically, don't do it or there will be hell to pay. The one thing that keeps sticking with me is the verse saying taking the Mark and worshipping the Beast. I don't know your beliefs, but I will say this, read Revelations and believe. It's all laid out there. This is the how-to of them all. The worshipping of the Beast, well, it almost seems like there is some room here to work for the Father and Son and not be totally damned. Wishful thinking maybe, but still. That proviso of worshipping... No clue, I'm not that good. In everything I do, I constantly try to do the work of YAWH and Yeshua. Most days I fall woefully short of the mark, but tomorrow is a do over and I go at it even harder. Constant repentance, prayers for guidance, I don't believe I am worshipping the beast or blaspheming the Holy Spirit. The short of it is this, the Father does see intent, good and bad. If something bad could be used for good...I just don't know.

Aug 13Edited: Aug 13

As far as the mark of the beast goes, I would look into Agenda 21 or Agenda 30. The beast in scripture represents some type of world power and what greater power sweeping this planet than the NWO.


Deutoronomy 11:18 says “You must impress these words of mine on your heart and your soul* and bind them as a reminder on your hand, and they should be like a headband on your forehead.

That scripture emphasized how Gods instruction should be ever present in our mind, heart and on our lips.


Revelation 13 regarding the mark of the beast "It puts under compulsion all people—the small and the great, the rich and the poor, the free and the slaves—that these should be marked on their right hand or on their forehead,  and that nobody can buy or sell except a person having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name. This is where it calls for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the wild beast, for it is a man’s number,* and its number is 666."


and what are you seeing happening across the globe now? It is with one voice that the elite, celebs, plebes, and even church leaders scream for a NWO.


The matter regarding this beast or 666 as it is called is solved in Revelations 14:9,10 when the instruction is to stay clear and not have the mark ( not be a part of) the beast.


So next time Pastor Joe or TJ repeat scripture and say "Get out of her my people" it is to avoid


Revelations 19 And I saw the wild beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage war against the one seated on the horse (Christ) and against his army. And the wild beast was caught, and along with it the false prophet that performed in front of it the signs with which he misled those who received the mark of the wild beast and those who worship its image. While still alive, they both were hurled into the fiery lake that burns with sulfur. But the rest were killed off with the long sword that proceeded out of the mouth of the one seated on the horse. And all the birds were filled with their flesh



This video here is relevant. It is not a perfect explanation but it is a great intro into what we are seeing take place across the planet which ties in to the subject here.




Aug 13

I am very woke to the abominations they are trying to bring about. This is the dilemma, most are not woke, or awakened, or savvy...whatever you want to call it. There is the problem. Most don't want to know, it's too hard. So now what? We can post the verses and talked it blue in the face. Still doesn't take care of the problem or even start to give us a clear idea to follow. We need that and from the looks of things, we need it fast. The Word clearly states, the hand or the forehead. I don't think it's can be any other way as there are rules that have to be followed. Just MHO from watching how all of this is playing out over a 20 year period. Am I right? Who the heck knows! I don't think I'm wrong, but I don't have it exact. I know that isn't my place. That's for someone else. My job, as it were, is to be Jiminy Cricket and keep harping until it resonates with the one or ones who CAN do it. I know, pain in the butt, right? Still, when something is this heavy on you, you don't stop, you can't stop.

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