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Aug 5

The elephant in the room...


I know that this may be a touchy subject, but I feel it bears mentioning.


2 "mass shootings" in a day? One in TX, one in OH.


I realize that the news coverage these events receive likely lends to the perpetuation. Making people famous, and inspiring the next one to the same fame, or infamy in this case.


(Disclaimer... rabbit hole entrance nearby)


But, aside from what the MSM tells us, how is it statistically possible for the following to be true?:


1.)The parents of a Parkland victim just HAPPENED to be in that particular El Paso Walmart (of 7) when the shooting happened..


2.) 2 survivors of the Las Vegas shooting just HAPPENED to be in that country night club shooting in CA.


3.) Another survivor of the LV event just HAPPENED to be at the Gilroy Garlic festival.


4.) teachers at Parkland AND eyewitnesses at the EP Walmart both reported MULTIPLE shooters in all black?


I believe there are some VERY EVIL people doing some very terrible things, and I don't mean the shooters alone. I can't shake the unnerving feeling there's a puppetmaster pulling strings from up on high..

Aug 5Edited: Aug 5

We aren't hearing much about the one in Dayton. mainly because the narrative isn't falling in place quite as well..


The reason I bring this up, is because it changes the dynamic from a standpoint of Defense. I don't have the T-shirt, sadly, but I am in the same camp as PJF with regards to being armed at all times, and I don't go anywhere that doesn't allow it.


also, I think the dominoes may fall in such a way that they will manage to ban Standard cap mags, semi-autos etc. makes me lean towards re-prioritizing some of my available budget.

Addressing reporters in Morristown, New Jersey, Trump said Sunday that “we’re going to take care” of the problem. He says he’s been speaking to the attorney general, FBI director and members of Congress and will be making an additional statement Monday.


I'm seeing a possible E.O. on Red Flag laws, at a minimum. Keep your powder dry, kids

Aug 5Edited: Aug 5

Strange times indeed. I would just add that so many people were at each of these events that statistically speaking probability is high that some people will unfortunately be at more than one of these mass shootings. So that in itself isn't unusual. People who attend large public events are statistically more likely to be a victim or witness to a mass shooting. I have done security at large public functions and I can tell you: I don't do well in large crowds.

One might wonder what ELSE is going on while these things happen...

Hmmm...a little false flag action? Oh Gee! Of course it is. Me thinks it's going to be a complete annihilation of this community and all of the others like it. You know that the powers that be don't like or want us talking to each other.

Trump played it pretty close to the line. He made it a point to vilify the shooters, and even said it was them who pulled the trigger, not the guns, in his statement. But he also talked Red Flag, and ERPO's. but he said they should be handled "very quickly, with due process" which is a turnaround from comments made last year. His speechwriter got things right today, for the most part. We will see where policy goes.

I find it odd that BOTH shooters wore hearing protection,all this smells like an Antifa operation condoned by leftist politicians

I asked a friend what will it take for Patriots to honestly stand up and with force take this nation back from the socialist left, when will Americans accept the high price that will be demanded of us to retain and restore our liberties and freedoms?

His reply: open fire or return fire?


My conclusion. Americans will never accept the opening fire on Civilians this is one of the many reasons why soft targets like gun free zones and unarmed gatherings are nearly always targeted. Even Ft Hood Texas a military base was in essence a gun free zone, recruitment centers, schools, music concerts etcetera. All disarmed and rendered defenseless.

I'll admit I'm right of center politically, but if nothing is done, then to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, we will continue to sacrifice our liberties for temporary security and eventually we will lose both.

Just my 2¢

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