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Sep 3

Walmart & Gun/Ammo Sales



Walmart announces big changes to its gun, ammo sales.


What Say Ya'll?

YA they are signing up with the U.S government it seems getting in bed great!!.. gee glad to know wall-mart has a decision in our rights now. Wonderful now the worlds biggest retailer has a word in our second amendment rights... But they do have a right to decide what the sell remember. The other store that did this had a loss (dicks) in sale it was not enough to kill them just big loses I think they were a cruddy store anyways.. wall mart will not feel a thing in sales.. But I do feel there is a conspiracy here and banning on line sale is coming up... I serious get what ever you may need break your piggy bank if you can.. or want I think it is going to get serious an not pro gun.. The pro gunner are not organized at all. LAter

Sounds like an awesome business opportunity to open up a shop in the area to provide the service that Walmart no longer will provide.

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