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Aug 5

Howdy from Ohio


I've been living in Ohio for the last two years. I like to meet/talk with some like minded folks and see how it all goes.

Ohio is a good state. Always enjoyed traveling highway 33 and 35. Plus the Dayton hamfest.

Northern Indiana here! If you're still looking, maybe we can set something up one of these weekends?

Aug 12

Were you at in Ohio Central Oh here.

Aug 14

I'm in Cleveland, you?

Aug 14

Hello Troy. Cleveland! I grew up in Cleveland, I miss the lake. I am A little East of Columbus. Well if you are looking to meet people in Ohio I think it will take a little time. I have had no luck yet, but I have not really been trying to hard. I think people are busy with jobs and family and they are to tied up, to busy to meet someplace in the state, to get things started. Even if it is just over coffee or some burger.

If you put Ohio in the top right corner (search box) and you search, you will see most

of the conversations that went on. Nothing ever went anywhere that I know of. You have ideas? Mike

Sep 22

hello, Roger from SW Ohio I guess we have the state covered

Oct 15

Hey there Troy, I’m from south of Youngstown, so not terribly far from you. In fact I was just up there for work several times this month.

Have you had any success having any meet ups with a group yet?

Oct 17

There seem to be plenty of people on here that are willing to meet up. My issue is that I have classes, work, and studying all week, which makes it difficult for me to commit to a time.

Oct 17

Yeah I hear that. I travel a lot for work (in Wisconsin at the moment) but if I’m gonna be in the neighborhood maybe we can figure something out for a few people.

Hey Troy - I'm in North Royalton, half-way between C-town and Akron. You're not alone. Haven't found a group/tribe or MAG yet, although I know there's good people around here. Recently been looking at some land along the OH River that's making me re-evaluate the strategic and survival options in Ohio - seems like a lot of price-gouging in the land markets has taken place in the traditional 'Redoubt' areas around the country. I'm hopeful of finding or creating a group here.

Nov 7

Awesome, you are pretty close I'm in cleveland heights, maybe if we all get some free time we can make something happen


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  • People you have to communicate with each other! I keep trying and no one responds to anything.. Except for Haunted 88 she understands. I think most people are not really serious. It is a dream that you want to connect and do these things.. But you will not, do it without maybe some things being uncomfortable at first. It take effort and time to connect. And I like some others here on this site say. . (You have to go out of your comfort zone.)
  • Here is my recommendation, Look up here in the right hand corner search If you enter your state there all of the people that have asked about that state on this forum apear otr there conversation do. Then U can research.Most conversations come up then U can try and contact them in the members chat group Usually comes up as far as I can tell.. Be patient it may take a while I think people are busy and do not get back to you quickly..People you have to work at this is not going to fall-in your la..Blessings Mike