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Aug 29

Rules and Regs


Edited: Aug 29

Much as we don't like having to say it, it still needs to be said

*no controlled substances please. (That means drugs alcohol and such)

*no pew pews, things to feed the pew pews, or pew pew food itself (there are sites that have those things, or at the least, create context and trade emails privately)

*no items illegal to your state or federally regulated (armour, weapons, class 3 FFL, tax stamp items, etc)

*we are adults here, please continue to act like one. We love you being here and interacting with one another. Great things can come from this, and sharing our wares is another great way to do so.

*Bear Independent (.com or otherwise) is not responsible for lost or stolen articles, nefarious activity or sales. all children or Bears left unattended will be fed donuts and coffee and redbull and turned loose upon you all. Trade fair with your brothers and sisters here, please.

Seriously though, if you can't buy it over the counter without showing an ID, offering it here would not be the best thing. Just don't please.



New Posts
  • I realize there, like cigarettes or ammo, there's probably no such thing as "extra" plates. that said.. I have two carriers, one with ar500 lvl 3's, and one sorely lacking.. I'd like a couple of 3+ or 4's, to run in the fronts, and relegate the 3's to the back pockets until i can get up some scratch for another pair. might be able to reach a trade, or partial trade compromise if I have any inversely "extra" gear. just checking.