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Some of these are affiliate links, which means I may receive compensation if you purchase from them. They are all companies and organizations that I think are awesome! You will hear me speak of them occasionally on my channels, and you might want to go check them out. 

Their soaps contain natural ingredients,  are handcrafted, & infused with the finest essential oils for a true clean. A portion of Hero Soap Company sales will be donated to charities that help veterans, police, & fire rescue. We want to thank you for helping us help our first line responders and veterans - the true heroes. USE CODE: BEAR to get 10% off your order! 

HuntStand is the #1 hunting and land management app in the country. It combines advanced mapping tools with powerful map layers to allow users to create and share the best hunting maps possible. You also can order paper blend or canvas printed maps of a chosen area that are super high quality. USE CODE: BEAR to get 10% off your order! 

Food Storage made easy. Visit My Patriot Supply to order your 2- or 4-week food supply buckets, perfectly packaged and ready to stash. 

Adventure Frontier is a great place to buy preparedness gear, and is run by our brother Travis at NWA Prepper. (YouTube channel NWA Prepper). Give him a look before you throw your debit card at Amazon again! Adventure Frontier is where you can find the full line of Bear IFAK products! 

Brother Kody is a true American craftsman, making handmade clothing, tactical gear, and packs to your exacting specifications. His talents have collaborated with Viking Preparedness and Bear Independent for various projects. If you need a war belt, chest rig, foraging bag, rucksack, IFAK pouch or poncho, give Kody a call. SewJourn Gear creates the packs and pouches for our Bear IFAK products! 

HommyBiscuits is the nickname given to my wife by her grandmother. If you're interested in becoming part of her Young Living Essential Oils team, check her out! 

Monica is awesome. If you need help organizing your schedule, reigning in your calendar, smashing your inbox, or otherwise getting all your kittens herded into the same zip code, she's got you covered. Insanely good Virtual Assistant services at a reasonable price.  

3BStrong and Bolt-a-Block are awesome. The Bolt-a-Block is a revolutionay dry-stack masonry block that has ballistic capability, increased compressive strength, and bolts together just like Legos. We have used it for projects on the Land of Almost Homestead and Bolt-a-Block has been used for residential and commercial projects across North America and in the Caribbean.

Interstate Steel Fabrication is an awesome company full of great guys, and they have been long-time supporters of the show. Interstate has donated time and material to The Land of Almost Homestead for bridges and outbuildings and we think the world of them. Go show them some love if you need a steel building!

The Arkansas Preparedness Network is a group of hundreds of genuine, kind-hearted, preparedness-minded individuals. Their network spans the entirety of Arkansas, and their bordering states. They have a robust no-nonsense Facebook community page, and an educational YouTube page as well. The APN coordinates excellent instructional events and meetups, and is led by a core group of caring educators who are passionate about preparedness. 

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