Bear Independent supports these ministries and we encourage you to check them out and support them if you are so moved. These people are doing good in the world!

The Stanleys are involved with the mission we support through our Patreon Giving Fund, as well as our household tithe. They are involved in rescuing and rehabilitating women and children affected by the heartbreaking sex trafficking industry in southeast Asia. We know the Stanleys personally, and love them; We kindly ask that you would consider supporting their mission. Clicking the name above links directly to the Stanley's support page. Find out more about Agape International Missions here

Night Runners is a faith-based, non-denominational non-church-affiliated 501(c)3 outreach agency founded in 1996. They operate community outreach in high-crime/low-income neighborhoods; inner-cities and rural areas reaching the entire population particularly assisting with disaster relief in devastated areas.

Rev. Gilbert - aka The Rev to this Bear Independent tribe - does some great work for his fellow man in the southeastern part of the US. Most recently, the Bear Independent showed up in Panama City, Florida to provide a team of servants to the Hurricane Michael clean-up efforts during Rev's deployment there. There is still much work to be done. We intend to continue to partner with The Rev on future deployments to provide servant manpower. But funds are an ongoing need to facilitate these efforts; consider sending support to Night Runners. They also have a Facebook page to check out more of the action. 

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