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Adventure First Aid Kit 3-5 Week Lead Time

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Adventure First Aid Kit

The Adventure Kit is designed to meet the needs of families and groups of adventures off the beaten path. The Adventure Kit combines the proven components of the BearFAK with provision for fractures, wound closure, exposure, and more. From boo-boos to broken bones, to bullet holes, the Adventure First Aid Kit has got you covered.

The Adventure Kit uses a Condor-brand pouch that is MOLLE-compatible, and sports a carry handle as well as shoulder strap for seamless integration into any system. The internal components are stored inside the outer pouch in clear zip-top bags for weather resistance and easy identification of contents. The Adventure Kit is perfect for your next off-road excursion, hiking trip, canoeing adventure, or cross-country expedition.

Adventure First Aid Kit Includes:

Gen 7 CAT TQ
Hyfin Chest Seals (2)
Decompression needle
Nasal Pharyngeal Airway 28g
Trauma dressing
5x9” combine pad (2)
Compressed gauze
Emergency blanket
4x4 gauze (10)
2x2” gauze (10)
Rolled gauze

Duct tape 2x26”

Quick Clot Sponge
Triangle bandage
Duct tape 2” x 26”
Medical tape 1” x 10 yds
Nitrile gloves
Disinfectant wipes (12)

SAM Splint

Gloves (2)

Oral Rehydration Salts (2)

Advil (3)

Tylenol (3)

Steri-Strips ¼ (2)

Steri-Strips ½ (2)

Knuckle Bandages (10)

1x3 Bandages (2)

Antiseptic Wipes (12)


Ziploc Bag (3)

5-0 Sterile Suture with needle (5)

4-0 Sterile Suture with needle (5)

3-0 Sterile Suture with needle (5)

2-0 Sterile Suture with needle (5)

#3 Scalpel Handle, Fits Blades #10-#15

#10 Sterile Scalpel Blade (2)

#11 Sterile Scalpel Blade (2)

5in Needle Holder or larger (size varies)

5 1/2in Curved Forceps

5 1/2in Operating Scissors

Alcohol Prep Pads, 70% Isopropyl Antiseptic (10)

2x2in 8Ply Gauze Sponges (10)

4x4in 8-Ply Sterile Gauze Sponges (10)

2in x 2.1yds Sterile Stretch Gauze Roll (5)

3/4in Plasti-Pore Tape Rolls (2)

18x26in Sterile Surgical Drape

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