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Combat Lifesaver First Aid Kit

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The Bear Independent Combat Lifesaver First Aid Kit is based upon specification developed by United States Marine Corp. This kit is designed for use by combat lifesavers to treat arterial bleeding, gun shot wounds, sucking chest wounds, lacerations, and other common battlefield injuries. The kit uses North American Rescue components.

Combat Lifesaver Kit - Contents

NAR 6" Emergency Trauma Dressing (3)

NAR Hyfin Chest Seals (2 pr)

NAR 14-g Decomp. Needles (4)

NAR Compressed Gauze (3)

CAT 7 Tourniquet (4)

NAR 7 ¼” Trauma Shears

SAM Split

Triangular Bandage (3)

Cohesive Bandage, 2” (2)

Gauze Pad 4x4” (12)

Gauze Pad 2x2” (12)

Gloves, pair (5)

Abdominal Pad 5x9” (6)

Sterile Oval Eye Pad (2)

Eye Shield (2)

Combat Gauze Z-fold (3)

Surgical Tape 2” (2)

Duct Tape 2” (2)

Permanent Marker

Benchmade 8 Rescue Hook & Cutter

BZK Wipes (12)


Combat Gauze

SWAT-T Tourniquet

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