Consulting Services

Like what you see and would like to work with me?

These are some of the different ways that we can form a working relationship...

Patron phone consultations

Our Patreon patrons have access to lots of great, exclusive content. There are several levels of patron support and, at the $100 level, perks include scheduled telephone consultation with me addressing any specific areas of concern you have. 

Check out the page and if you are one of the patrons with exclusive telephone-access perks, book now to spend some quality time on the phone with me. 

One on One Coaching/Consulting for Business or Personal Preparedness

Book a general coaching consultation to discuss anything surrounding personal preparedness growth, your own preparedness business endeavor, or other related matters in what I call a Gen Biz call. 

$100 for 45-minute initial phone consultation

ProsperReady provides organizational concierge readiness fulfillment services as well as retreat viability assessment and homestead instruction. 

$100 for 45-minute initial phone consultation

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